Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm not old, David is.

Last night David went home teaching and some how his age came up. The young woman in the family asked how old he was and he responded 40, she was shocked. She was sure he was in his fifties at least. She then asked how old I was and he told her four weeks younger then he was and she was again shocked. She thought I was at least 34, hahahahahahahahaha. Of course her family is like she thought we were, Dad quite a few years older then the Mom. Bot who cares I'm young again.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Share holders meeting for Hormel

I missed it, the first time in 11 years at least and I missed it. My back is ruining my life. I could not make the walk there or the stairs up to our usual seats. Amanda took the five kids because they all wanted to go. They came home with great coupons and lots of pepperoni. Bummer for me, Amanda said the questions were really funny this year and I missed them. Next year I will not to anything risky at all until after January 31st.(Next years meeting date and its on a Monday for some reason.) I'm bummed I missed it. I enjoy hearing about how the company is doing, seeing the new commercials, and the questions and don't forget the PETA request. All fun and I missed it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm old.

Monday I stopped fighting and I went to see a Chiropractor for my back where I fell. The exam was good and the x-rays showed where my pelvis and three or four vertebra had moved out of alignment. So for the adjustments, I love those. I went back Tuesday for more and if they can get everything to align I may live though this. Ouch!!!!! Of course it will take a lot of adjustments and many return visits, but it is better then surgery thats for sure.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The bane of my exsistance

I hate these guys and our yard is full of them and of course the attic space around the chimney where the walls have crumbled inside. We hear them roll nuts down the ceiling in the early morning. The chimney will be capped in the spring. I hate squirrels.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Book 6,7, 8, and 9

The first three are from the series I've been reading and I enjoyed then all so far. The third is one from Zeke I think he is reading the last one right now(another series my favorite). It should make a good movie, very Harry Potter like. Young boy who discovers powers and then is taken to a summer camp for Half-blooded Gods. I don't want to give it away Zeke tells me they are demigods. Fun and quick to read.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back pain OUCH

Cross country skiing was fun until I took a tumble, my skis sliding out from under me backwards, me hitting the ground on my stomach, face, and flat bang crack. Ouch. I was sure Friday morning I would be screaming, but I wasn't. I wasn't until Friday afternoon that that started. Pain radiated from my back up through my head, it felt like someone was stabbing me though the head. I took advil and some muscle relaxers and wow I couldn't even lift my head. I decided to try resting on my stomach with a pillow under my hips to see if maybe I could stretch a little(a tiny little) I think it helped, the nasty pain shooting up my back and head is gone(I hope)but my lower back still hurts. I pinched a nerve in my leg in my 20's and that is what the pain felt like in my head. Hopefully I can depinch or unpinch it or already have. Backs are not meant to snap like mine did when I fell. It was the wrong direction. Cenneidigh keeps telling me she loved it and she fell too many times to count and she doesn't hurt. I keep reminding her, she's only 9.

Monday, January 25, 2010

More fog photos. Happy Birthday to Heidi and Eric

On the way home from picking Qatar up at Ellis I stopped at one bridge and walked down to the river to take some photos. It was so much more beautiful then any of my photos. Fog and ice, what a lovely combination. The river was frozen towards the shore, but moving in the middle.

Happy Birthday Heidi and Eric 31 years young today. Yeah

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cross country skiing at the Nature Center.

Amanda took the Activity Day Girls cross country skiing and it was really fun. I went along and had a great time, I've only done it one other time and that was 15 years ago, so it was almost new to me. We got there at 4pm and left at about 6. I'm exhausted and I think tomorrow I may cry when I get out of bed, I've taken 4 advil to try to avoid that. I slipped down a small hill and landed with a bang on my stomach my back bending awkwardly. Mary kept asking if I was okay until I finally groaned 'yes' at last. I think if I don't die tomorrow I may go back. Winter has so many things to show me this year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sizes of clothes, how does anyone know anymore?

This may sound crazy, but I'm having a hard time with clothing size. I have been the same size most of my life, give or take a few years with babies and nursing, but now everything is crazy. I weigh 130, I work out and I lift weights(not much I'll have you know, but some.) In HS I was a size 11 in 10th grade and dropped back down to a 7-9 the rest of the time(I felt like a cow, everyone around me was a 0).
Okay back to the story, the last pair of Old Navy jeans I bought(5-6 years ago) size 8 and they fit great. I decided it was time for new jeans and so off to the mall. After an hour and a half I found the problem. I'm now a size 4 even a 2 in some styles. WHAT!!!!!!! I'm the same size, I still fit the size 8 jeans. Nothing has changed except my hips have dropped into my thighs(saddle bags yea!) I bought the above jeans Levi 505, straight leg and mid rise, I also got the 515, boot cut mid rise size 4 medium. Very comfortable and flattering.
But, what the heck is going on with the clothing sizes. I even now wear an extra small shirt and that is ridiculous, what about the truly extra small people in the world aka Vanessa. Can she find anything to fit? I hate shopping for clothes, too many sizes to choose from and every style is a different size, this is when I wish I was a man. Know your size and buy it even without trying it on, that's a dream.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Book 5 and maybe 6(it was only about 60 pages.)

The top book I read while I was subbing, Amanda left it out for me to read and I have to get it back from her so I can have the kids read it. It about a boy and a magician(obvious right?) It's cute.
The next one is the 4th in the series I'm reading and I am enjoying. I am not suggesting this to anyone. This is for me to keep track of the books I read. Everyone has different taste and so do I, so I would not want anyone taking my word for anything I read or watch(I've gotten in trouble for this in the past.) Just because I like it don't assume we have the same taste. There is a bit of language in these books, the Navy SEALS like to swear I guess. Book 5 done, but I am also going to count the larger books I read out loud to the kids this year.(over 100 pages of regular sized print.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fog and Ice, what a beautiful combination.

It had been foggy here for a few days, but every morning we get to wake up to this. I love the way the fog settles on the trees, it is gorgeous. By the time the sun comes out the ice melts off, falling to the grown in a shower. The sun catches the flakes sparkling off the many different facets. I don't like January, but this is breathtaking to see, the whole world flocked just for me to enjoy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bop-it, we love this silly toy.

Amazing the things you fill the time you would usually watch TV, this is very popular around here and the high score belongs to David. We bought this for Bonnie and I played it too much so I finally wrapped it and placed it under the tree, but Christmas morning I unwrapped my own from Santa. How did he know?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No TV is awesome

I am in shock and awe of the change in the house. No more rude comments while playing video games or screaming about it being their turn. The computer is available whenever I need it and I don't have to hear, "I just got on, MOOOOMMMMM!" Love it love it love it, maybe we will only allow the TV after dinner for an hour . More on the weekends, Maybe. Love it, Amanda babysat Friday night to Saturday and she said when she arrived(after a meeting at church) the kids were playing Clue at the table all five of them happy and talking together. I hate to say it, but they have done this to themselves. I am loving this and it will continue after Wednesday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Book 4 for the year, Over the Edge

I like this series, suspense and romance, whats not to like? That make 4 for the year so far. I'm 1/3 done reading a book written by mystery writers, mine may never be good enough, but we shall see when I get them edited.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheese and more chesse

50 packages of Kraft cheese for 10 dollars. A deal or what? Hyvee had a sale: buy 5 packages of cheese for 6 dollars get a 5 dollar coupon on you next purchase(any) so the manager told me (She passed Gunnar and I while we were discussing how we could get more then five) that we could get as many as we wanted as long as each was run up separate. The cashier rang five at a time and took the coupon I got from Amanda(she did the deal earlier in the day) so it cost 1 dollar, then the next coupon printed and the next five one dollar and so on and so on. Cheese freezes great by the way, but with my kids it won't sit there for long. I also still have a five dollar coupon for anything on my next trip to Hyvee. Yippee it is sad how happy this makes me.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

No TV for a week

The house is a mess
A bomb must have exploded
For all through the home
The children were on notice
Clean it up or off it goes
But the rooms stayed the same
And I yelled enough, my throat was sore
So now the TV is silent, the computer is snoozing
and the rooms are getting cleaned at last.
Seven days may not be enough
But I'm the Mom, I make the rules

TV is not making the rules around here and neither are the children. Thank you Peter Walsh

Friday, January 15, 2010

Snow Snow

We have lots and lots of snow. I think it is suppose to melt some this weekend, but it is everywhere and getting in the way. Thank heaven that neither of these garages are needed for cars.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My new bedroom

For my 19th Anniversary I decided I wanted a bed frame. We always had a metal frame under the bed, but I wanted something pretty so this is what we bought. I planned on making one, but that was at least three years ago and I think I finally realized it wasn't going to happen.
The painting is one we got a IKEA a few years back and patterned the rest of the room after. The duvet covers are new and I think they are perfect. The fleece sheets stay(hopefully forever) go buy a set and you will never want to sleep in or on anything else, ever. Ask Bonnie if you don't believe me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My neighbors funeral was yesterday and I have to say a big Thank You to everyone who made a cake when I asked . We had plenty of cake and the luncheon went well with Caroline and Bonnie in the kitchen washing dishes for 2 hours. Thank You Thank You.
Gunnar told me on the way to work later yesterday and he was doing fine until one of Harlan's friends spoke about his smile and how much he would miss seeing that. He closed by saying, "It's been a pleasure to know you. Good-bye I'll miss you." Gunnar started to cry then and so did I. He said it was so final and Gunnar had never been to a funeral before this and it is very final, even though we know we will see him again it still feels like it will be forever. While we are waiting we will miss him.
I told the kids the funeral is for us not for him, he's gone and we are the ones who need to say good-bye. We asked each child if they wanted to go and all but JT decided they did. JT didn't want to miss PJ day at school.
The funeral was beautiful and many memories were shared. It was cold at the cemetery, the VFW gave him a 21 gun salute and then played Taps. I cried, it reminded me of my grandfathers funeral then. I still miss him.
Death seems final and it always comes too soon, but someday we will all be together and we won't ever have to say good-bye again, ever.
Good-bye for now Harlan.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pirate Latitude by Michael Crichton

Not his worst, that would be Air Frame or maybe Disclosure. No Air Frame, for sure. This is his last book, the manuscript was finished and found after his death. A good story, I was in the West Indies all afternoon enjoying the humidity, heat and pirate battles. True stories brought to life by a good story teller. My favorite of his was Time Line, loved that book(highly recommend this book). Not so much the movie, but the book was well worth reading. The Sphere, Next, Jurassic Park, State of Fear, Congo, Rising Sun(lots of language do not listen to this book.) and Prey were enjoyable to read.
Bottom line: I liked the book, it could have been better but it was good. Number 3 for 2009.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My families new favorite shows Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs

We watch these on Netflix instant on the Xbox and it is a new family favorite. We've learned quite a bit and I remind the kids every show, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st book read this year and one I started last year and just finished

I enjoyed these two books. The first one was fun to read and think about the next book I write. The first took me four weeks and the next two took two weeks each. 30 days isn't hard, the hard part is the editing, writing is easy but making it good is hard. I'm on the 4th and doing it in 30 days like the book.
The next is the second in a series I liked it, I cried at the end. A good romance with lots of intrigue. So 2 for the year.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our old van, our only van.

I was on my way to Albert Lea in the middle of a winter storm and I noticed my odometer, I pulled out my phone and called David. He was not pleased that I was driving in a storm and calling him, but I assured him I was only going 40 so it was okay(stupid I know). I told him the car was on 99999 and I wanted him to share the moment with me since we bought the van together over 10 years ago. He laughed and I said here it goes. It flipped and then he told me to get off the phone and concentrate on driving. I passed four cars and a truck in the ditch, whew the roads were icy and the wind was blowing me over into the other lane, luckily for me not many cars were on the road. It took about 40 mins to get the 20 miles and 50 mins to get home. Thank heaven God protects the stupid. I had a tax update meeting there that I didn't want to miss.

Friday, January 8, 2010

My neighbor Harlan

My neighbor died Wednesday night, I will miss him very much. He was always stopping by with coupons, milk labels, books for me to read and things for the kids. One day a few years back I was in the yard yelling at the kids about something or another and he was out picking weeds in his. He came over and told me how much he loved my children and how glad he was that we had moved in next door. I was a bit shocked, I mean I sometimes have a hard time with my kids and he had then trooping across his yard and playing in his driveway and house all the time. He went on the say that he loved living between us and his own grandchildren, he loved all the kids running around and in and out of their house. He hated to be gone more then two weeks because he missed all the kids so much. Its hard not to love someone who says things like that and he meant it, he always opened his door to them. My kids love their home, Eileen and Harlan always have snacks and treats for them. I know we will all miss him.

The kids had told me that he had had a heart attack in Arkansas where he was visiting family, but that he was coming home Saturday. When Sara called me yesterday, Cenny stood by watching my face and when I hung up the phone there were tears in her eyes and she asked, "Did Grandpa Lysne die?" I nodded and we both cried then. Good-bye Harlan, we miss you already.

Harlan Lysne, 82, of Austin, died Wednesday in Bentonville, Ariz. Clasen-Jordan Mortuary, Austin.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New years clean-out.

David and I have gone through our closets and this is the pile that is going to the Salvation Army. I figure if I haven't worn it in a year it is time to go. I haven't worn quite a bit actually. David cleaned out a huge amount. We are also getting rid of a comforter set, so that was two bags full. We bought new duvet covers for our new bed and they are really cute, I will post a photo when I get one taken. I hope to have more piles like this every week. I'm sick to death of clutter, if I'm not using it, it needs to go. Peter Walsh is my hero. link to his site

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You know you live in Minnesota, when...

You still bike commute in 20 degrees below zero. Of course you have to dress for the weather.

David loves this silly outfit and the other day when I was shoveling the corner out, Eric stopped by dressed exactly the same. I guess this is what they call proper winter wear around here. I finally broke down and bought snow pants last year and I love them. The wind doesn't whip through my pants. Sledding is more fun and so is just being outside. Cold weather, wind and snow are something we have to live with, so here's to the proper clothing.
Last years three days at Eagle Bluff proved that winter is more then cuddling under a blanket watching it from the window. Winter can be fun also. But we now have a snow blower, yeah I really hate shoveling when we have inches of snow. Too heavy and my back hurts for days. David can now handle all the snow with the blower, whoopee!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Game playing and saying goodbye

The Bremner kids came over Wednesday while the movers were at their home. Peter wanted to leave right away, but Cenny was able to convince him to play a few games with her. He was laughing and playing in no time, so Abby decided to play also. The older ones were playing Legos and Xbox. When the game players were tired of the games, Qatar pulled up an episode of The Clone Wars and all the kids were glued. David and I left for the night and as we left we tried to say goodbye, but Clone Wars won the battle and all we got were a few weak handed waves. We will miss you all, good luck in DC.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolutions for a New Year

David and I were discussing our resolutions for this year. I said I really didn't have any tangible ones. So here is my list: 1. Live in the here and now, be more present in my own life.
2. Read more(this kind of causes trouble with 1 but only a bit.)
3. Remember life is the about the journey not the destination.
4. Write more.
5. Figure out what I want to be when I grow-up.(this is an on going) Get out of this mid-life crisis once and for all.
6. Enjoy life and have more adventures. Life is too short to sit on the side lines.
7. Make better use of my time and money.
8. Become less judgmental, allows others to be themselves without comment from me.
9. Realize that mistakes are the way we learn and that nothing is wasted when it comes to experience.
10. Enjoy my children everyday.
11. Let stupid expectations go and let stupid people bother me less.
12. Worry about tomorrow, tomorrow.
13. Stop and smell the roses and the cookies and the fresh cut grass and the coming storm and all the other things this life offers.
14. Take a moment and thank our Heavenly Father for this amazing experience everyday.
David told me he wants to gain 100 pounds at least and apply to be a contestant in the Biggest Loser. He gave it a good try yesterday. But in all seriousness, I think that 2010 will be amazing. Here's to all it will bring and all we will become.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mid-life Crisis

Well I read that it only lasts between 2-5 years for women so thats good news. I will either be out of it in 6 months or 3 1/2 years. YEAH!!!! Now what silly ridiculous things will I do until then? Any guesses? School maybe, we will need me to go back to work if we expect to pay for college and missions. To tell you the truth I really don't know what to do to get out of this funk. I like to sub and I like taxes, but I cannot see myself doing it forever, I need to figure out something. I think that all the stay-home-with-your-kids talk was great, but they forgot to tell us what to do after they went to school and were gone. Growing-up the second time around is harder, I think.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Classic romance, in the mood for romance.

I liked this one. Much better then a few of her newer ones have been. This is her newest. I love the picture, never happened in the book like that. He's in the military and has very short hair they mentioned that a few times. On top of the fact they are running for their lives against the weather, ICE storm in Maine. If I were to try this author this would be a good first book.

I liked this one, it made me laugh out loud in places. Fast to read.
Bonnie suggested this and said it was somewhat like the way I write(now and past with a story or two mixed in. I enjoyed the story. The next one is with the same characters and more.

In the mood for romance I guess, maybe it is my mid-life crisis kicking in again.
After the broken window and the argument with the installers, and the ice cold water on Friday, I got these at the library to settle me down. Classic romance, fall in love then something pulls them apart then something pulls them back to each other, they get married and have a baby. Just the needed dose to keep my stress down. I went for a murder mystery and it wasn't in so I came home with these. My favorite of hers is Under Cover of Night, if you haven't read any Linda Howard start with that one.
I like romance, it always ends happy unless it's Nicholas Sparks that is. I love the love story and the things they need to overcome(usually personal problems) and the way they get back together. I'm a sap, it's true. Judge me if you want, but a good romance is a great escape mechanism. I prefer to escape to happiness most of the time.