Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back pain OUCH

Cross country skiing was fun until I took a tumble, my skis sliding out from under me backwards, me hitting the ground on my stomach, face, and flat bang crack. Ouch. I was sure Friday morning I would be screaming, but I wasn't. I wasn't until Friday afternoon that that started. Pain radiated from my back up through my head, it felt like someone was stabbing me though the head. I took advil and some muscle relaxers and wow I couldn't even lift my head. I decided to try resting on my stomach with a pillow under my hips to see if maybe I could stretch a little(a tiny little) I think it helped, the nasty pain shooting up my back and head is gone(I hope)but my lower back still hurts. I pinched a nerve in my leg in my 20's and that is what the pain felt like in my head. Hopefully I can depinch or unpinch it or already have. Backs are not meant to snap like mine did when I fell. It was the wrong direction. Cenneidigh keeps telling me she loved it and she fell too many times to count and she doesn't hurt. I keep reminding her, she's only 9.
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