Wednesday, January 13, 2010


My neighbors funeral was yesterday and I have to say a big Thank You to everyone who made a cake when I asked . We had plenty of cake and the luncheon went well with Caroline and Bonnie in the kitchen washing dishes for 2 hours. Thank You Thank You.
Gunnar told me on the way to work later yesterday and he was doing fine until one of Harlan's friends spoke about his smile and how much he would miss seeing that. He closed by saying, "It's been a pleasure to know you. Good-bye I'll miss you." Gunnar started to cry then and so did I. He said it was so final and Gunnar had never been to a funeral before this and it is very final, even though we know we will see him again it still feels like it will be forever. While we are waiting we will miss him.
I told the kids the funeral is for us not for him, he's gone and we are the ones who need to say good-bye. We asked each child if they wanted to go and all but JT decided they did. JT didn't want to miss PJ day at school.
The funeral was beautiful and many memories were shared. It was cold at the cemetery, the VFW gave him a 21 gun salute and then played Taps. I cried, it reminded me of my grandfathers funeral then. I still miss him.
Death seems final and it always comes too soon, but someday we will all be together and we won't ever have to say good-bye again, ever.
Good-bye for now Harlan.
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