Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My kids my life..... Why do I bother to try sometimes?

Zeke had an invitation to the National Honor Society Breakfast and the Presidential Academic Award Winners.   I planned on going and then he told me he wasn't going to get the award because of his last test so not to worry.  Ok we didn't have a shower anyway so I took a shower at my parents, after I dropped the kids off at school so I could make it to training for the summer program I'm working at.  

Of course Zeke came home with the award and I was the only parent not there.  I listen to my kids and then I wonder why.  They only count the first 3 semesters not the last.  I think that gets counted next year.  Zeke would have gotten this last year except he got B in a class that is not academic in nature.

JT handed me a paper with the list of times for his play at the time he told me it was dumb and not to come.  I put the note down and didn't worry about it.  I then was called about chaperoning a trip on Friday for Cenny so I said yes.  I told JT in the car this morning and he got upset saying I never go to anything he is in.  Who to believe?  No one I guess.  Maybe I'm just a bad parent after all.

The life of a parent is hard and difficult and the other parents wonder where you home because I was told not to come.  Last year David snuck into the talent show at Ellis because Zeke forbid us from going.  Hahaha we got him.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moen Legend Moentrol Shower Faucet   L3175 Chrome
We have a shower!!!!!  Hurray...we are putting the stairs on hold to work on the other bathroom so this doesn't have much of a chance to happen again.  What a pain to have to beg for a place to take a morning shower.
The boys were mad this morning and they knew last night they wouldn't have time to go anywhere to take a shower.  I guess their short hair needs to be washed and fluffed daily.  
So we told them wash your hair, pits and other parts and be happy we have running water.
It could always be much worse.
Thanks to everyone who helped us out the last few days with showers.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shower Woes...

We are doing some work on our bathroom and so everyone is using the small shower.  Qatar took a shower this morning and than Zeke went in the the handle fell off into his hand.  We looked at it(the water was off thank heaven or it could have been so much worse.Notice the little stem pocking out of this handle.  Well not ours, it is sheared off inside the rest of the cartridge inside of the wall.  It is not suppose to do that.  So we have removed the dry wall from behind the shower and still no go.  We will be calling a plumber on Tuesday and showering at relatives houses until it is fixed.  What a mess.  Well this is putting a fire under me to get the other shower working.  Moen handle adapter it would be a simple repair if the stem hadn't sheared off inside the rest of the housing.  Thanks Bonnie for the shower this morning and believe it or not we were only 2 minutes late for church.  Google has warned me this is a hard repair and will be pricey, or I could try and really screw it least the water was off or the whole house would be without water until it was fixed...Tender Mercies and small miracles I didn't appreciate this morning as we were scrambling to get showers.  David went to work, luckily two took them last night.  Gunnar was at a friends for the night so we were OK.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The two of us!

On our way to a Wedding Reception.  Goofy David can't take a normal photo.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Track Season is over and all I can say is Hurray!!!!

 Zeke ran and threw the Discus...he did pretty well with throws over 80 feet...only his first year.
 Cenneidigh ran the 800 and the 1600 and did really well for her first year in track.  Look at those shoes.
 Camera shy all the was early and it was breezy that day...she had to run with the 7th graders.
 Cenny running the 1600....she didn't come in last....she came in 4th or 3rd I can't remember for sure.

A long spring with track almost everyday from 3-5 and meets were late until 10 or so.  Exhausted grumpy kids and now they can rest and be more pleasant .... I hope anyway.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Waiting for the mailman about 4:15 PM around here.

The where?
I can't get the video to load.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bon Appetit Buzz Agent BUZZ!!!

Campaign Image
I was sent two free coupons from Buzz Agent to try this new frozen meal concept and the cutest chef hat that Cenneidigh confiscated and wears every time she is in the kitchen.  She loves it and looks adorable...she keeps it in her room so no one steals it from her.

 I went to Walmart and purchased the meals(I bought three I just couldn't decide on two) which cost $6.99 at the time and Gunnar tried the Pork in Chipotle Barbecue sauce and thought it was delicious and something he should stock at college.Bon Appétit™ Pork in Chipotle BBQ SauceJT also ate the same meal and loved it and for a picky 10 year old that is not bad....he hates anything normal like hamburgers and chicken...loves seafood and vegetables.  He loved the idea of food wrapped in a corn husk.

My parents tried the Bon Appétit™ Smoked Apple & Uncured Bacon ChickenSmoked Apple and Uncured Bacon Chicken and thought that one pouch was plenty for the both of them and it made quite an enjoyable delicious, along with another nights dinner just waiting in the freezer for a busy evening.  I tried the Bon Appétit™ Beef in Red Wine SauceBeef in Red Wine Sauce and was impressed by the flavor and the texture.  It was like a home cooked meal but without all the home cooked fuss.  WAY to go BON APPETIT.....Thanks.  I also was sent several half of coupons which I gave out to people I talked to about this product.

Look to the side bar-----over there----->

OK now I know you guys are ordering from Amazon...I mean I am....---> so look over there and before you order click on our link and order through there.  We receive a small portion of Amazon orders through the link...I think about 36 dollars to date...WOW we will retire soon I think.  So if you order from Amazon click through out link I would appreciate it...also we have a link on the book blog too.  Thanks, Lisa

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Passport applied for- applied for a new one since he was only 15 last time it only lasts until he is 20 1/2 not until the end of his mission.

Wisdom teeth coming out in August.

Immunizations done and recorded.

BYU deferment done and sent.

Temple recommend with Bishop done.  Stake President on Wednesday night.

List of what he needs done.

We will get him there on-time.  We only have 4 months!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Antofagasta Mission for Gunnar

Mission Call Gunnar

Antofagasta, where he is going I will post a map in a minute.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mission Call - tomorrow night - life in general around here.

Tomorrow is the day....we think...we will call everyone if it is and we get it early enough.  Our mail comes after 4 PM and we have a concert for the Ellis choirs at 6:45 PM that night.  Pretty exciting!!

I finished my 11th batch of names for Family Search yesterday...440 points and what the heck are those for?  Can we buy stuff at distribution with them?  I need new garments.

Working all week and being flexible with the assignements.  I've been moved rooms everyday due to lack of subs and sick teachers or meetings.  I'm in 5th grade and I was suppose to be in special ed today.  Oh well the sped teachers notes did say to be flexible so I guess that is what I am doing.

I have a cold and my throat hurts and talking is difficult...luckly we have MCA testing this afternoon so not much talking needed after lunch.

Cenny and Zeke are on the track team this year and I admit they like it...but they both are getting tired of it.  Zeke is also throwing discus and is getting pretty good at it.  Cenny is growing and almost as tall as I am...her feet are size 10 1/2 womens, she is walking around on flippers.

Qatar is on Accutane and Zeke is on an antibiotic for his skin.  We paid off Zekes braces and got a lottery ticket in the billing statement.  We won a we are.  I bet you wished you had our luck...

We had to buy a new dryer yesterday.  A few weeks ago I walked by the laudry room and I head a thump like something in the dryer hitting the sides and a thought came to me that it was on its last leg...the thump was normal, but I guess the spirit was preparing me to replace it and not freak out.  Well I looked on-line and went to the local store and told the sales person I would take the SpeenQueen, she looked a bit surprised....but I was prepared and I don't like to dilly dally around if I don't have to.  So today I will have a working dryer...yeah!!!!   I need to do laundry and I need it done fast.  If I hang it outside I would forget about it and this time of year it would get rained on while I was at work and I would have to wash it all over again.  We are spoiled- we hate air dried towels...scratchy.

More tomorrow when we learn the big news....

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The kids are going to kill me!

Yes they stress me out.  Someday I will feel better and be able to eat what I 
want when they all leave.  Every morning I think we are never going 
to be anywhere on time.  Church is now at 9 and I have to say that 
I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need more then one day without the crazy morning schedule.  
Help me!!!
I hate Wednesday evenings as well...cub scout, seminary, young mens, activity day girls
and relief society presidency meeting.
Seminary will be over soon...but it will come again next year.........
kill me now....please.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stake President Interview

Gunnar is at the Stake President as I type this.  I get a bit overwhelmed every so often with the thought of him gone for two years.  David brought me home an interesting article about Mormon Missionaries and the success they have in life.  Check it out here.  The Economist.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rank my review ... Please

They will ask you to verify your email the first time only.  Thanks...this helps me get a better list of books to choose from next review.  Full review here.

Book Review - Wildflowers From Winter - Katie Ganshert

Wildflowers from Winter: A Novel
Title:    Wildflowers From Winter

Author:  Katie Ganshert

Review:  Get a box of tissues before you even open this book.  I'm not a fan of crying, I hate sad movies, sad books, sad things that happen in real life, I feel that there is enough unhappiness and sadness in the world that I don't need to take the time to read about it for pleasure.  Well I cried and cried and yet I still enjoyed this book and the journey it took me on.  I felt lifted as I finished the story.  

How can one person endure so much in such a short time?  God only gives us what we can handle and yet sometimes I wonder about that.  I think the thing is, is that God only gives us what we can handle, but we give ourselves more than is healthy or possible to overcome without assistance.  How many times have you found yourself strapped for time, money, companionship?  How often has this been from choices you have made having nothing to do with what has been force or put-upon you by others?

Finding comfort in loved ones and in our prayers to our loving Heavenly Father has always given me comfort.  But also sometimes I don't feel capable of his love and assaistance and try to make it alone. Why?  Who knows..maybe pride...maybe fear of rejection...maybe something completely different.  This story will pull you into the lives of the characters and also show the need for God in your life.  He gives peace, love, respect, and acceptence above all else.  Unconditional love is something you can always depend on from the man upstairs.  All you need to do is open your heart to him and he will be there, just like he always has been-you just weren't aware of it.

If you don't mind tears, joyous and morose, you will love this book(romance included).  It is not over religious.  God is on our sides and wants us to succeed, we just have to be open to him for his light to shine in our lives.  Happy endings are always my favorites even if it takes awhile to get there.  Read this book and really think about your relationships in this life and the next.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gunnar - Save the Date

Gunnar finished his interview with the Bishop last night and now he needs to see the Stake President.  So his papers will be sent this week or next and then we wait. (Everything else is done, we have things to do now that just need to be done before he leaves.)   Not long as far as I know.  I wanted everyone to know that if he gets his call in the next four weeks we will want to take him to the temple in June, mid June so that he has quite a few chances to go before he leaves to wherever he is going.  Anyone wanting to come let me know and I will cement the date as soon as we gets his call.

This is a Save the Date kind of thing I guess.  Mid-June St. Paul Temple.  We hope you all can come, but understand schedules and travel problems...we have tons of them.  It will be a Saturday or a late session on a weekday...I'm working all summer and so is he.  Or like David says...Normal for most people.

We have a list of all the missions and the probabilty of each mission.  It will be fun to see how it all comes out.  One of his roommates is in the MTC today.