Monday, February 28, 2011

Balloons at the carnival

The last five years I have made balloon animals at the school carnival, I get a call after Christmas so I can get my supplies ordered. This year I was busy and didn't notice I hadn't gotten a call until we got back from Atlanta(three days before the carnival) I wondered out loud and then thought it wouldn't be so bad. I didn't have much help lined up, I did have ballonons left over from a benefit we did a few months back,and my hands always end up smelling like latex for a week following.

JT heard my wondering and took it upon himself to straighten it out. Thursday afternoon I got a call asking me to do the balloons and an apology for not calling sooner, somehow they thought I didn't have kids in the school any longer. I got off the phone and told the kids and JT beamed adding, "I told the lady selling tickets that my mom hadn't been called yet and that she did the best balloons." Oh, mystery solved. JT is quite the pain these days, but I need to be careful when he's around. He seems to really listen at funny times.
Amanda and my parents were able to come help and even with little experience my mom and dad did a great job. People always ask how we got started with balloons making and I always tell them a video, now days it could just be youtube.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Atlanta trip - Hindu Temple

In Lilburn GA, where David's sister lives, is the largest Hindu Temple in North America. Here is the link to their page. Alex gave us directions and we were amazed when we arrived. A service was taking place in 30 mins and we were invited to stay. The service lasted 15 mins. and involved chanting and candles. It was quiet and reverent, I enjoyed the experience. Women sat behind the line and men sat in front of it. The statues in the sanctuary were dressed beautifully, but instead of the turbans from the photos they were wearing stocking caps. The weather was cold for Atlanta, 55 to 65 degrees.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Looking for a new internet/phone provider

We have very old phone lines in our over 100 year old home(old everything actually). Currently we have our service through Qwest and the lines cause problems when the humidity is high(I've even taken a blow dryer down to the basement to dry the lines out on the extremely damp days.) So the new search begins, lucky or not so lucky for us, Charter is about the only other option(SMIG is too slow). I'm looking at their sites and I wish I could just get a price quoted forever( a few years) instead of 6 months or so. Can I just get the price I will be paying? Please....a year goes by too fast.
I chatted with Charter and they wanted me to talk with a rep. on the phone, so why the chat? So I told them to call after three(after work), they called at 3 and I was running late and missed it. Have they called back? NO!! I need to get this taken care of before spring, we watch TV through the internet with Netflix and Playon. If the lines are damp then no phone and no TV(but lots of whinning and complaining about it).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Gunnar is in!!!! Go Cougars!

Gunnar has been accepted to BYU-Provo and will be entering August 29th 2011. We are all thrilled and excited to see him going to his first choice. Go Cougars. BYU official site for anyone who is not familiar with the university.
Young moms out there, let me tell you, time flies. Enjoy your little ones, they will be off to college before you know it. Everyone keeps telling me how Gunnar's life is changing, but they forget that so is mine. I've had him at home for over 17 years and in a few short months he will be on his own, thousands of miles away. He will be greatly missed by me. I love you Gunnar and good luck!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Books 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23

Not bad, but very long. Goodreads win.
Loved this book, so interesting. A great historical novel with a twist.
Cute and sweet.
I read this on the plane and it was a fun quick read
Some nasty stuff out there. This gives you ideas and suggestions for how to deal with it and how to protect your loved ones. Librarything win.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Atlanta trip - Fernbank Natural History Museum

Outside the museum
This museum was amazingly beautiful. Large center atrium with dino bones hanging from the ceiling. We also watched the IMAX movie Caves while we were there. This was an option of the Citypass and well worth the drive and getting a bit lost with my great navigation skills.

The dinos were big

This is worth a look if you ever get the chance.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Atlanta trip - The Zoo

Lot of birds.
Not as much fun without the kids to ride along.

Large apes were there
A sleeping Panda and they had a baby recently that was not on display.
A warthog
The zoo was fun, but the building next to it was amazing. The Cyclorama of the Battle for Atlanta. The painting is the size of a football field and it is mounted in the round and the seats move around it. A 20 foot diorama is in front of the painting to give it a life like look. That was well worth the trip. If you go to Atlanta don't miss the Cyclorama.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Atlanta trip - Alabama Unclaimed Luggage store

David has been talking about this place for years and this is as close as we have ever been, so we went. It was about 3 hours north of Atlanta, it was a pretty drive.
He's very happy with the books he found. Three favorite authors that have books in England now but not coming here until the end of this year. Yeah he gets to read ahead. That was worth the trip for him, also a new ipod, some nice clothes and a few other items. This place is huge and the brands are amazing. Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Douney and Burke, Coach, Jimmy Chou shoes, you name it they have it. Lots of fun.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Atlanta trip - the aquarium part-three

We were hungry after looking at all the fish, so we ate some for dinner.
Massive tanks and you can scuba and even swim if you want to pay for that privilege.

We took a behind the scene tour and the huge tank was just that. A viewing tunnel runs through it and that huge window from the other day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Atlanta trip - the aquarium part-two

Strange worms with big eyes.
Beluga whales swimming around with seals. Very cold water. Another huge tank with a big viewing window.
Mississippi fish, funny that we have more of these types in the aquarium at the mega mall in Bloomington.
Another tunnel, lots of these so you could get a good look at the different habitats and fish.
Up close and personal with the penguins
They are so cute and walked right up to the glass to have a look at us.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Atlanta trip - the aquarium part-one

Playing with the penguins.
This place was amazing and this area was huge.
That is a Whale Shark and it is over 20 feet long.
I love this room, the sun is shining into the tank and I wish I could live here.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Atlanta trip World of Coke

David getting tired of me taking photos of him.
Austin got a mention at the museum.
Olympic torches that Coke has been involved with.
Many different bottles and designs from around the world.
The lobby of the World of Coke, we had fun. The 4D Movie gave me a headache, but it was cute. The constant jarring of the seats is what did it. At the end of the tour is the tasting room and there are over 100 different soft drinks from around the world to try. Some were good, some were not. Beverly from Italy was nasty and the Bitter Lemon from the UK was only slightly better. One from Mexico was my favorite. It was a fun tour and since it was winter(50 plus degrees) we had the place almost to ourselves. In the summer the wait is long and reservations are suggested. We bought a Citypass to see all the big attractions in Atlanta.\
We stayed with David's sister, Suzanne's, family. Thanks for the fun!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Atlanta trip

Its early and so I will be posting later, here are a few photos from the Swan house in the Atlanta Historical Center. This is me surveying my kingdom. We had a great trip and were busy everyday.

Happy Birthday Ezekiel and Happy Anniversary Peters

Happy Birthday Zeke, we love you. Now quit growing up so fast. It is also my In-laws anniversary. Happy anniversary.