Saturday, February 26, 2011

Looking for a new internet/phone provider

We have very old phone lines in our over 100 year old home(old everything actually). Currently we have our service through Qwest and the lines cause problems when the humidity is high(I've even taken a blow dryer down to the basement to dry the lines out on the extremely damp days.) So the new search begins, lucky or not so lucky for us, Charter is about the only other option(SMIG is too slow). I'm looking at their sites and I wish I could just get a price quoted forever( a few years) instead of 6 months or so. Can I just get the price I will be paying? Please....a year goes by too fast.
I chatted with Charter and they wanted me to talk with a rep. on the phone, so why the chat? So I told them to call after three(after work), they called at 3 and I was running late and missed it. Have they called back? NO!! I need to get this taken care of before spring, we watch TV through the internet with Netflix and Playon. If the lines are damp then no phone and no TV(but lots of whinning and complaining about it).
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