Sunday, May 31, 2009

Book of Lies

I just finished he Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer. I really likes it. The search is for immortality, the searches believe that God gave Cain some sort of book on the secrets of immortality when he repented of killing Abel. Repenting is a very important aspect of this book. Well it really is the Book of Truth carved into an animal horn and the idea is that immortality is really what we leave behind, stories we tell our children that they tell their children and our children themselves. True immortality the things you leave behind of yourself that last. I look forward to reading a few of his other books, good story it kept me entertained.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Not to be outdone.

Books I've read this year.
7-15 of the In Death series by JD Robb, I'm taking a break from Death for awhile. 9
Watermelon by Marion Keyes along with Sushi for Beginners. 2
Voices and The Draining Lake by the Icelandic guy. 2
How Nancy Drew Saved My Life, stupid but about a nanny in Iceland. The book was going along great and then she ruined it with about 40 pages to go. Don't waste your time. 1
The Shopaholic books, not all this year, but two of them. I still need to read Shopaholic & Sister and Shopaholic & Baby. 2
Hot Ice-Nora Roberts and a few others of hers(fast to read) 4
Some Linda Howards. (fast to read) 3
Financial Peace Revisited. Dave Ramsey 1
Suzy Ormans Plan for 200. Pretty short. 1
Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Fat? Peter Walsh. 1(Second time reading it and the other one he just wrote.)
Little House on the Prairie and parts of on the Banks of Plum Creek(with Cenneidigh). 1
Working on The book of Lies.
Various other children's books. I get all of my books from the library so sometimes it hard to remember them all.
I may not read like David, but I'm not wasting my brain either. Some of you may disagree with some of my choices, but I enjoy all sorts of books. Romance mixed with murder seems to be high on the list this year. Last year it was a better mix more murder and suspense less romance. I like romance, everyone ends up happy. Reichs needs a new book as well as Brown(September) and the Icelandic guy needs more of his translated into English, then I would never run out of things to read. Of course in the summer we are at the library a couple times a week so I'm sure to get a lot more reading done.

My back.

My back is getting better. Saturday morning I couldn't even move off my bed. This is Thursday and yesterday I went to work at the preschool with little ones crawling over me, and it was not that bad. Today it is just slightly annoying, but the heating pad is doing wonders. Ice was good, but it is cold outside so I'm glad I'm now ready for the heat.
Friday I was working out, but not getting the feeling anything was actually working, I guess it was but not the way I hoped. Old age is what I've been told is happening, and if this is it old age sucks.
The back pain pills gave me the strangest sensations. My whole body felt like it was wrapped in plastic, even the Ben-Gay didn't feel like anything. I stopped taking those and now am just using advil and tylenol combined with heating pads(yes two, one on my back the other on my left bum the muscle pull is from my lower back all the way down my bum) and rest. Slow moving and not taking many stairs right now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

JT photos

Here is a photo of JT with the missing tooth. Yea JT. Such a cutie and growing up so fast, too fast. He played outside all weekend with friends and family. Really looking forward to summer time, sleeping-in, late nights and locking everyone outside for the day(on nice days). This keeps me sane all summer long.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kill me now!!!

I subbed half a day in a class I said I would never sub in again and I am not happy about it. Jane told me 1st grade, but when I got there they switched me. The other sub didn't want the class either and got there seconds before me. Never again or I will use this axe on myself.
Subbing will be ending in the next few days, at least by the 27th I'm pretty sure. Yeah!!!!!! This time of year makes me very grateful for summer time. We leave for Iceland on the 6th of June another yeah!!!! I need to get away.
Happy Summer is almost here for three months. I will be sick of it and ready to sub again in September.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Try this puzzle

Take 6 letters out of this puzzle and it will be a normal English word we use all the time. Do not rearrange the letters the word appears in the letters left.

Good Luck.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy week!!

My second full week of subbing was tough, but ended on a high note. The basement of the high school was were I was yesterday with special ed. and super seniors(over 18, 5th or 6th year in high school). I was warned several times that the group was a challenge, but I found it to be a very relaxing day compared to the other classes I had this week. Of course I worked with delinquent youth for a few years a while back and then years with developmentally delayed so this was actually quite fun. I learned how to play a new card game during the last hour when everyone had some free time.
I'm exhausted so I got up and 7am today and then back down for a nap at 10am until my sister, Kristi, came over. They are visiting this week because they are moving this summer so we won't see them like usual.
We also attended three concerts at school this week. Monday-Band at the high school. Tuesday-Band at Ellis. Wednesday- Scout committee meeting. Thursday-Ellis Choir. But Friday David and I went to see Star Trek, loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Mantra

I'm going to jump out of an airplane, I'm going to Iceland, I'm going to buy a new outfit.
I repeat this all day as I sub in the 3rd grade class at Sumner for four days straight this week. It gets me through as nothing else but alcohol and really good drugs could. Several teachers have called me, "Poor thing." Ok that is scary. But, one more day is all I have and I was tough today, three were sent to detention after school.
This photo is true, I've had several things wing by my head this week and then the student is off to the office. Too bad many teachers and the principal has the flu right now. One more day will be my Mantra tomorrow and then YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! when I get home. Qatar has a concert tomorrow night and that will be our 4th this month, third this week and one more to go. Another YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Skydive, Iceland, New clothes. Repeat

Sunday, May 10, 2009

JT and a big mile stone

JT has been waiting to loose his first tooth for what he describes as forever(his whole life as he knows it). He turned 7 last month and his first tooth has been lose for about three weeks. After biting into an apple yesterday a friend reached in his mouth and plucked it out. JT was very excited and scared from the blood all at the same time. I need to find the camera to get a picture of the big space he has now. Yeah JT!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Five days in a row and a cold

Those Woodson critters got me last week and this week I have one of their colds. This week I taught music, special ed pre-school, language arts, creative writing, freshman English, 3rd grade, and lots of other interesting items. I'm exhausted. Subbing is like Russian Roulette, you never never know what the day holds.
We also planted flowers for our Moms in third grade. What a mess!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kids friends parents.

Its amazing how many of my kids are friends with kids of people I went to High School with. Every time I work I meet someone else. I had no idea I went to school with one of Cenny's good friends until today. Its a small world and even smaller in Austin. Maybe I just didn't pay much attention before. Who knows? (My year book is becoming a great reference)