Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa

The clan in 2003
What started it all
The family in 1993
David, Suzanne and Frank in 1972

Happy Birthday Frank Peters and many more, Love David, Lisa, Gunnar, Qatar, Zeke, Cenny, and JT!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well what can I say, only one as of Friday AM

Austin News

Nine apply for Curt Rude's school board seat

6/26/2010 1:39:02 AM
By Kurt Nesbitt
The Post-Bulletin, Austin MN

School board candidates

• Nitaya Jandragholica.

• Richard Bergstrom.

• Julie Farnsworth.

• Eugene Groby.

• Robin Krueger.

• Jeff Ollman.

• Aaron DeVries.

• Lisa Peters.

• Robert Vilt.

In a flurry of last-minute applications Friday, nine people applied for Curt Rude's school board seat on the final day to file.

Until then, there had only been one application for the post that was vacated when the Austin School Board removed Rude in March because of concerns over a conflict of interest involving Rude's civil defamation lawsuit against the district's former superintendent and the board.

The district's Personnel Committee, which is board chairman Dick Lees, former chairman Don Fox and the board's new treasurer, Jeff Kritzer, will review the applications Monday afternoon and select four finalists from the group.

Those four people will come before the entire school board at a special meeting on July 20, at which time the board will choose a successor to Rude.

District staff said Friday that the school board may appoint a new board member by the end of July. The appointee will finish Rude's term, which ends in December 2011.

Monday, June 28, 2010

More Dells shots

The bottom of the racing slide
My feet and Amanda's after the race
Racing fast fast faster
Hair in the face
Silly JT and the sunshine. We had lots of fun.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Books 81 and 82

115 pages so I'm not counting this. I read this on the way home from the Dells. It was cute and sad at the same time.
2nd in this series, Zeke love them. They are violent, but fun to read.
1st in this series, this is now a TV series. Okay, a bit of Desperate Housewife, I know what you did last summer, and 90210.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Helicopter Mom

They are growing up so fast! Responsible, caring Adults in training.
Amanda was telling me about a class she went too on Helicopter Moms and how they Hover and Hover. She stated some statistics and said that kids are safer now then years ago. Crime rate is down and we need to let our kids be kids and not stay on top of them always.
I stayed for most of the rehearsals at the play and looked like I was hovering, but to be honest I just wanted to watch the whole thing from the beginning. That is why I sat in the car during their party I didn't want to hover and I also did want to go home and have to go out again at 10:30 at night(Lazy I know)
I'm getting better at letting my kids go on their own places, but sometimes it is hard especially with JT. He's the baby for heaven sakes. The line to walk as a mom is really difficult, do too much you hover. Do too little you are neglectful. I know there is lots of middle ground, but finding the perfect place to be is really hard.
Hover pull-away, hover pull-away, hover, I'm trying my best to raise responsible adults here and let me tell you it is not easy. Someday others will depend on them and they will hold down jobs where they get paid(scary). I just wish each kid came with a users manual, then I think I could figure it all out. And then I could sneak a peak at mine every so often to figure out whats going on with me.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Dells trip to Mt. Olympus

David enjoying the sun.
Cenneidigh and Amanda at one of the wave pools
Lisa on a long slide. It was really fast, I didn't have time to be scared.
Overcast when we arrived, but the sun came out and it was HOT
JT enjoying the kiddie section, he got flipped in the wave pool and wasn't ready for anything bigger for awhile.
Lisa and JT at one of the wave pools.
Cenneidigh enjoying the water.
Dan and Carol Carolan gave us tickets to Mt Olympus in the Dells they weren't using. We decided with the summer schedule to drive down for only the day. We took Amanda with us because Qatar was at camp. The weather was not suppose to be nice, but it turned out to be a beautiful day. The slides were huge and the wave pools were fun. One of them had a huge wave that knocked us over and JT got pushed against the ground and scratched his back and elbow. He flipped and hit his head in the other wave pool so he was not a happy camper.
We played and were ready to go by late afternoon, so off to Famous Daves for dinner and to use our gift cards from the Hormel meeting. Dinner for 7 with tip was 25 dollars after the 60 dollars in gift cards, we were early for dinner so we still got the lunch prices. Whew wee it was a fun day and cheap. Thanks again.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Civil War reenactment

Battle grounds

Adams had a re-enactment of a Civil War Battle and the day was beautiful. We took the kids, Amanda, Bonnie, Grandma, Cade and Jaxon and had a fun day and then ice cream on the way home. We held a musket and it was quite heavy, I can't imagine lugging that around.
The canons were very loud and then after the south won the battle we watched the medical team dig a bullet out of a mans arm. All fake, the blood and everything and yet it still turned my stomach.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Books 78, 79, and 80

Another one in a long series of out-of-this-world romances. Love the tattoo.
Cute early romance for Nora
Enjoyed the story, but to be honest I'm not really sure what it is really about. ????? I got lots of reading done during the kids rehearsals.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random play shots

Kids choir second half of the show.
Zeke and friends
Megan and Qatar

Kids choir

Bored and playing games waiting
Time to go! The stage manager Megan
Qatar getting ready to go on the stage.
Joseph has been so much fun for the kids. Its been lots of work, but everyone really has enjoyed the work. Last night was the cast party and I decided to let the kids enjoy it without me to supervise. I dropped them off and sat in the car and read my book. I feel asleep and woke with a start at it was 10:45PM. I went in and got them just as the party was breaking up. I know they are really going to miss the other cast members, but I will be glad to have dinner at 6 instead of 5 from now on.
I supervised the kids room for three nights of the play and the other moms were great. We were able to sneak in and watch most of the show from the shadows. What a great show, the music and the costumes, Loved it!!!!!
The last night I got a seat, someone reserved tickets and didn't come so I was able to sit with the other moms and enjoy the show again. I loved it every time. It was fun watching it from the first rehearsal to the last show. What a change and WOW!!!! What a difference a month makes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

On the way to church

David likes to take random shots and he found his camera after misplacing it. Darn, he needs misplace the thing again. Sunday mornings are crazy with everyone getting ready and church isn't even until 10. But school is easier,I think we stay up too late on Saturday night.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins

I love this series. I finished the last book and I cried. I really hope she writes another. I would recommend this to everyone. I love this author. I'm looking forward to the 3rd book in the Hunger Games series now. She creates unique worlds for us to enter and experience. What a fantastic thing to be able to do for everyone.
Gregor is 11 at the beginning and he is expected to take on the very adult role as the Warrior. Loved the relationship in his family. Loved the relationship in the Underland. Of course that is what life is all about, relationships. Relationships are all we have when you really get down to it. Who is important to you? Tell them, you never know when it may be too late to let them know how you feel. Loved these books, everyone of them. Read them, read them, read them. I had a hard time putting them down once I started.
Books 76 and 77 read this year.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did you forget something?

Well someone did. I found this in the big oven. We have two ovens one smaller then the other and this was in the big one when I went to cook something. YUCK!!!! Not sure what meal this is from, but whoever was saving it forgot about it, thats for sure. It hadn't started to smell yet. Hungry now?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where are the stairs?

Behind the fireplace.
The under floor is in bad shape, lots of weak spots and even holes, so we're glad to be replacing it.
The holes near the door and it is very weak in spots. This house is old, but it has good bones.
The stairs are gone now.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Joseph and the 4 kiddeos

The kids choir
Gunnar as Dan
Zeke and friends in the play
Qatar and Zeke as hairy Ishmalites. The play is so cute and well done. See it if you can.