Friday, June 4, 2010

Mall of America trip for 8th grade and chaperon-ME

Qatar went to the mall in Bloomington and I had signed up to chaperon. I was worried how I would keep 9 kids together, but all I had to do was have them check-in with me and then remind them when we were leaving. It was a breeze. Qatar had ordered a wristband for Nickelodean Land and I got one as a chaperon. We got there and went on a ride and then to Underwater World. After that we rode a few more and then to check-in with the other boys.
One ride I rode was the Airbender, it was a large skate board with two sets of six seat that faced out and rotated. The skate board went up and hung and then down and up the other the side. My body was so tense and I shook after I walked off. It felt like a high swing where your stomach keeps leaving you but it never came back down. I was actually ill afterwards and I love roller coaster and fast rides.(maybe I'm getting old.)
We hit Bubba Gumps for lunch and had peel and eat shrimp and the best idea I've seen in awhile. BBQ pork on King Hawaiian rolls. WOW!!! That was good. Here is the ride that made me ill.
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