Saturday, June 12, 2010


I've been feeling that I'm not getting results, but yesterday I took my pulse while sitting down and waiting for the kids. In one minute I counted 65 beats. That is amazing for me, I usually sit at 80 plus and WOW!!! Sweating and wanting to cry is really working. I've been exercising forever,but I get into a routine and then I don't really see results, but this program is different everyday and I know the results will come. I just hate waiting for them. It's only been 6 weeks and I'm half way through The Funs Almost Done! The protein powder I found is great and without it the first three weeks I was sure I would die, but not now. I have new energy, still tired, but not as much. Not being able to tolerate milk or soy I had to get an egg protein powder. Hard to mix, but as long as I blend it in the blender I'm good to go. Do not do this program without a protein powder and without adding additional calories to your diet, you will not make it believe me. (My goal is not to lose weight, it is to loose 5-10 pounds of fat and add 5-10 pounds of muscle, I like my clothes and I do not want to have to get new ones.)
This program is intense and I'm using muscles that are not use to being used. They like to scream at me afterwards, but after 6 weeks they are starting to get over themselves. I would only recommend this to you if you are in at least ok shape to begin with, if not do something else first. This will kill the faint at heart and do not start unless you are serious about finishing. I pray everyday to remain injury and illness free until I'm done. Set a goal and go!
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