Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Random play shots

Kids choir second half of the show.
Zeke and friends
Megan and Qatar

Kids choir

Bored and playing games waiting
Time to go! The stage manager Megan
Qatar getting ready to go on the stage.
Joseph has been so much fun for the kids. Its been lots of work, but everyone really has enjoyed the work. Last night was the cast party and I decided to let the kids enjoy it without me to supervise. I dropped them off and sat in the car and read my book. I feel asleep and woke with a start at it was 10:45PM. I went in and got them just as the party was breaking up. I know they are really going to miss the other cast members, but I will be glad to have dinner at 6 instead of 5 from now on.
I supervised the kids room for three nights of the play and the other moms were great. We were able to sneak in and watch most of the show from the shadows. What a great show, the music and the costumes, Loved it!!!!!
The last night I got a seat, someone reserved tickets and didn't come so I was able to sit with the other moms and enjoy the show again. I loved it every time. It was fun watching it from the first rehearsal to the last show. What a change and WOW!!!! What a difference a month makes.
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