Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Goofy things

I was at rehearsal with the kids and I needed to ask about costume needs. I went over to ask the woman in-charge of costume and I asked about what the brothers aka Gunnar, needed. She gave me a funny look and then asked how I was related to Gunnar(suspicious look here). I gave her a funny look and told her he was my son. She gasped truly surprised (that doesn't surprise me anymore). I smiled, "Yes I'm a bit height challenged." She shook her head, "No your just so young." I can bet that won't happen when JT's 16. I was a month from turning 24 when Gunnar was born, I get the shocked looks more because Gunnar must be my step-child, he is just so tall. That is the problem with having a huge husband and matching son. The hats in the play don't fit his head, that is David coming out.
The middle school band teacher did the same thing when I came in with Qatar, he smiled and then questioned. "Okay, your Qatar's mother and Gunnar's" I added "Mother." He smiled a bit confused. Short people can have large children it is possible people!!!
JT was excited about Katrina's grad party because they had a Gazebo! A gazebo, wow, JT told me he was excited to see all the gambling. I had to break his bubble and tell him that was a casino, not a gazebo. He was truly disappointed.
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