Saturday, June 26, 2010

Helicopter Mom

They are growing up so fast! Responsible, caring Adults in training.
Amanda was telling me about a class she went too on Helicopter Moms and how they Hover and Hover. She stated some statistics and said that kids are safer now then years ago. Crime rate is down and we need to let our kids be kids and not stay on top of them always.
I stayed for most of the rehearsals at the play and looked like I was hovering, but to be honest I just wanted to watch the whole thing from the beginning. That is why I sat in the car during their party I didn't want to hover and I also did want to go home and have to go out again at 10:30 at night(Lazy I know)
I'm getting better at letting my kids go on their own places, but sometimes it is hard especially with JT. He's the baby for heaven sakes. The line to walk as a mom is really difficult, do too much you hover. Do too little you are neglectful. I know there is lots of middle ground, but finding the perfect place to be is really hard.
Hover pull-away, hover pull-away, hover, I'm trying my best to raise responsible adults here and let me tell you it is not easy. Someday others will depend on them and they will hold down jobs where they get paid(scary). I just wish each kid came with a users manual, then I think I could figure it all out. And then I could sneak a peak at mine every so often to figure out whats going on with me.
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