Tuesday, June 1, 2010

P90X 30 day results

I took my photos and I don't see much change yet. My shoulders are a bit more there. My measurements are about the same, my arms are 1/4 inch bigger when I flex and my waist is 1/4 inch smaller. I need to bring it a bit more,(but to be honest, this is kicking my butt, I was not in very good shape to start at least not like I thought) and I've increased my food intake to help with the added calorie needs. My stomach has an outline around the outside now. My push-ups are getting better and I'm off my knees more then I'm on now. Keep pushing play it what I tell myself and I try not to think about how bad I hurt afterwards. With all the aches it must be doing something.
I have noticed that I am better in the warm-up. I use to get winded in the warm-up(sad I know, but this is intense.) I can jack for the whole time and lunge and still feel good. I'm just glad I had been doing squats before I started. Lots of leg work and it is a killer. Plyo is the worst. I'll let know any changes in 30 more days and maybe post the photos if any visible changes. My waist is tighter and when I leaned out of bed yesterday it was my waist I noticed was tight on the right side. Something is happening.

fat percentage 25.4 some loss here
weight 131.4
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