Monday, May 31, 2010

Funny sayings

Cenneidigh and Qatar were trying to get the dog to dig where they wanted him to, so they put an X on the ground, "X marks the spot." Parker didn't get it so Cenny got upset and told him he would be no good for pirates.
At the salon Cenneidigh kept talking while I had highlights done. Melanie put me under the drier and then placed one foil in Cenneidigh's hair and put her under the drier. She leaned in to me. "No charge for that, I just need the quiet to think, she can really talk." So true.
Gossip, gossip, gossip. I've heard some and so I asked someone in the know and they didn't give me any additional info so I let it drop, but then someone else called me to get more and I had to admit I didn't know anything more then they did. What a bummer!!! Did you know: The school district doesn't have a morality clause in their contracts.(Thank heaven for that.)
Gunnar told a friend of his(a girl) that I wished she wasn't dating Gunnar's good friend. She asked why and he told her because I wanted her to be dating him. How true is that, Emily is so cute and sweet and I just love her and her Mom is wonderful too. They never date the ones you want them too. Hum...maybe next year they will, I can hope.
I was shopping with Gunnar and I sent him to get graduation cards for all the seniors we are attending parties for. I didn't check them at the register, but when I got home I discovered we had no envelopes. When I asked hims he said. "You didn't say get envelopes too."
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