Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book 64 Eat Pray Love

As for a terrible book I read to page 98 and gave up on the book Julie & Julia. I loved the movie, but the book was awful. It was a misery to read and I had to stop. She loves to swear and I mean SWEAR, not little swear words but the monster ones and more then one per sentence at times. She hates Republicans and they are the root of all evil in the world(the author below started down this path, but stopped before she really got to me.) This author on the other hand kept going and going and going. I could not in good conscious continue with the horror of her book. I do not know how Hollywood took this horrible, awful, low vocabulary book and created such a cute movie out of it. It was not fun to read to page 98, I suffered through a few pages every night and finally I had to quit. YUCK!!!!!!

This book started out very self-involved(the author) and I was a skeptic about finishing it, but I ended up loving it and would suggest it to anyone. Eat was her time in Italy, after a nasty divorce and a boyfriend gone wrong. Pray is the 4 months she stays at an ashram in India learning to meditate and find God in that time. Love is the 4 months she spends on Bali.
What I got from this book: All the unhappy people in the world are the cause of all the worlds problems(war, famine, murder etc.) Happy people never would think of doing those things. Finding happiness is a quest and a conscious decision, one you must work at it everyday of your life. Even if you are happy, if you don't work to stay that way you could lose it. Being happy is not only a gift to yourself, but to the world in general. Be happy for you and see the world change for the better because of it.
After 1/2 the chapter on Italy I loved this book. Uplifting and very interesting to boot. We are God and God is in all of us. I now need to try meditation. This journey to find more happiness has lead me to books I may never have read and WOW I've learn a lot about myself in the process. You would think at 40 I would know myself better, but I'm enjoying the journey I've chosen. It may change tomorrow, but searching for happiness or more happiness, in my case(I felt happy when I started,) was a great plan. One I would suggest to anyone.
Read this book, well worth it.
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