Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Books 61, 62 and 63

I thought I read this before, but I think I cheated and saw the movie instead. I loved this book and I cried and I love the fact that everyones life is important. Everyone is connected to every other story out there in some way. We are all parts of each others lives, our stories began long before we were ever born or even a thought in our parents minds. Lives that we don't even know touch ours in some ways and someday we may all find out just how much. Read this book its only about 200 pages. Well worth your time.
Listened to this in the car this last weekend on the trip to the Peters. Loved it, I love this author.
Sad, sad, sad. This was read by the author and it was good, but sad. Strange ending so I'm looking forward to the next one. Life for an Irish boy in poverty and rags.
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