Friday, May 7, 2010

P90X The beginning.

The before pictures will never be published if we don't stick with this program and BRING IT. David and I took photos and measurements and I wanted to cry. I have 38 inch hips, ouch. We are doing this program and it is intense. My body hurts everywhere, except my abs and I've done the Ab ripper X twice. While doing it I was sure I would never laugh again and yet the next day I felt great. My hips and bum are the sorest and the movement to sit or to stand, not sitting or standing, just the movement to do either makes me want to cry(and I've increased my fluid intake so you get the picture, lots of tears.)
I plan to publish before photos with the 30 day ones(if I make it) I can only do 3 pull-ups and that is with a band to assist, really sad(5 chin-ups). Push-ups I can do 15 on my knees and 5 regular. Pathetic I know, I'm trying this and I hope not to get injured so I can continue with the whole 90 days. I love the stretch DVD and the Yoga(hour and 1/2 of Yoga and it's intense). Wish us luck and maybe we'll be strutting around in our new bodies in 90 days.
Body Fat=26.27
Waist=29 1/2"
Rt thigh=19"
Lf thigh=19 Middle of the thigh.
Rt arm=10 1/2"
Lf arm=10 1/2" Bicep flexed.

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