Sunday, May 30, 2010


This little one cries until David comes in third hour and then he wont leave his side. He holds one hand on him and tries to reach the toys with the other.
David laid down to take a nap and so did he, it was so cute and so much better then tears and screaming.
These two could be related, but they aren't. They fight and fuss like they are. Nursery last year was wonderful, but then my three year olds left and I only have very young ones now and they are not ready for separation from Mom or Dad. Screaming for the first 45 mins is the norm and then things seems to settle down, but not always. I've asked for help for the second hour(David is great with the little guy I think I may ask him to take him to Sunday School and keep him happy until he can come to nursery), I'm not enjoying the scream fest every week. Two regulars were even missing this last week and it was still a completely damp ear splitting day.
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