Saturday, May 8, 2010

Funny and sweet things my kids say

Cenny and I were looking at before and after shots from P90X and I told her I was scared, would I ever look like those after shots. Cenny looked at me and smiled. "Mom did you exercise today?" Me, "Yes, I did chest and back and Ad Ripper." Cenny with another smile. "Then 90 days is right around the corner." I think she's been watching the DVD's with me and picking up on the motivational speech. She is a fashion plate, isn't she.
JT told me he thinks he going to die his legs hurt so much. I told him that he was just growing, he smiled at that and seemed to find a new lease on life.
I was upset about a problem yesterday and I told Gunnar I was going to pack them up, toss them in the air and then shoot them down and forget it. Gunnar told me, "Whatever Mom, I know you wont. We'll hear about it again in a few days." No I'm really going to try to let it go. I'm going to try, really I will.
JT in the car when we had forgotten something at home. "Are you going to tell Amanda you forgot." Me, "Yeah I don't lie." JT. "That was a lie right there mom." I could strangle him sometimes.
JT again, "Mom will I die in a bicycle thing or will I live to be old?" Me, "Why?" JT, "Just wondering." Me. "You will live to an old age." JT, "OK" and off he went to play with his friends.
I was huffing a puffing after plyometrics and complaining that I was going to die. Gunnar. "Mom maybe this workout is too much for you." Me. "Uh...NONONO! I'm a fit person and I passed the fitness test." Gunnar. "You really past the test." Me. "Yeah...well almost."(I cannot do a pull-up at all on my own.)
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