Sunday, May 2, 2010

Things that only a kid could say

JT wanted to know why they used Pokeballs to catch fish. They do look like pokeballs.
"Mom did you know school is over six hours." JT Asks "Yea, ..." Me suspicious like usual with JT. "Yeah, what a waste of my time." He is only in 2nd grade.
Ezekiel telling me that they have milk points on orange juice. "Mom can you drink orange juice if it has milk points the moola ones." He pronounced molla points. Me, "Yes, it is only for school points, no milk in the OJ."
I was doing a plow stretch and Qatar got down next to me and my shirt slipped a bit and he saw my stomach roll(it was a plow for heaven sakes my feet and legs behind my head, my gut all scrunched up.) "Wow your fat." Thanks Qatar. Later that day JT decided I needed to shave my arms, "Mom your arm hair is dark and you need to shave it like your legs." Wow I feel pretty today. And today Qatar yells at me about losing his field-trip permission form. "You took it." no way would I have taken it, I told him to put it somewhere until I found a check book for the fee. I'm responsible for enough already I don't need random slips of paper to be responsible for also.
Zeke taking my ears off after school, "Have you read my life story?" Me, "No I figured you talk enough about you, I'm seeing the movie live."

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