Thursday, May 27, 2010

Books 65, 66, 67 and 68

A banned book and I don't get it. Issues that send the girl to a mental hospital and she learns to deal with her life and emotions. Maybe having worked with mental patients I can relate, but why ban it? Teenagers are curious and telling them they can't read this will just make them want to read it. It had nothing that shocked me.
Cenneidigh and I finally finished this book. It is by the same author as Ella Enchanted and I have to say I enjoyed that book more then this. I loved Ella Enchanted by the way and would suggest it to anyone(I loved the movie too, but instead of hating it I viewed it different, not really the same story as the book.)I read it slowly with Cenny and the words are hard to read out loud. Most of them are in a made up language and when you read to yourself you can skip it or make it up, but Cenny read over my shoulder most of the time and tried to sound them out instead. She read every other page and I read every other, until about page 120 and then I read most of the rest except the singing parts. I figured we would otherwise be reading it for the next ten years. She now needs to pick out another book for us to read.
Funny at times. The retelling of King Lear through the Fool's character. Short, loads of language, so beware.
Funny and banned in many schools. Rebellion, family issues, pain, guilt, piercing, and date rape. Read it from the banned list. Okay, not bad but not great, why ban? Issues in this book are what's really going on in high school.
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