Saturday, May 1, 2010

Enjoy the process

This one has always been hard for me to do. The goal is the goal and the things that happen in between always seemed less important. But since death is the end and as we live our lives we get closer, I guess I need to enjoy the process involved in everything I do. Driving to our vacation destination was the goal, but David always stopped us to see some item advertised on the side of the road. Some of those stops have been better then the whole vacation.
Getting there is half the fun and I need to remember that when I have a goal I want to accomplish. Planting tomatoes for fresh tomatoes in August is the goal, but planting them, watering them, and watching them grow should be almost as enjoyable(along with the thoughts of how good they will taste.) So here is to enjoying the process and finding happiness in everything we do, even the mundane items of life.
I enjoyed subbing in a main stream HS class, I figured out I have only done special ed at the HS before this. I enjoyed the day, but was thankful it was over when it was.
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