Monday, May 19, 2014


OK I have taken the basic tests in Math -Reading - and Writing so now on to Elementary Pedagogy exams - 2 subtests each an hour in length.  I talked with friends who have taken it and tried to follow the study guide items - I took them today and passed both - I now only have my 2 sped content tests to go and my TPA - I do not know why I did this with all the exams - I have awful test anxiety and 7 exams plus TPA to get my license - nervous and stress eating big time - of course JT and his issues this year have not helped but things are looking better for him and he is happy again.

Cross your fingers I need to take the next 2 tests next week - they are harder or at least that is the consensus of those who have taken it.  YUCK!!!  Off to the mega mall tomorrow as a chaperon for Cenneidigh's jazz band.  End of the year things are heating up -

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Light up flowers

From my phone - they have a tab that you pull out to turn them on and then push back to shut them off - they last 8 hours but you cannot reuse them unless you are very careful taking the flowers off - we made one that we did not like and destroyed the light stems taking it apart - these come in 3 lights like the above and 5 but the 5 light stems were 19.99 and I got 6 sets of the 3 for 7 dollars.  I really liked the way there turned out.

Prom 2014 cont.........

Light up flowers I made!!!

Qatar said their flowers were a hit and the way they lit up got peoples attention.  Qatar rented the vest and we learned that on-line we can buy similar vests in any color for about 30 dollars with the matching ties/ renting was 60 dollars.  Every time I learn another way to save and still have a great evening for the kiddos.  By the time JT goes I will be an expert and retiring from Prom fun!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prom 2014 with Qatar and Heidi

Qatar spent his money wisely this year but then decided he wanted to attend LaRae's funeral in Arizona and so he was short for flowers - we priced corsages and they ran between 50-80 dollars.  So we ordered some corsage making stuff on-line and went to work.  We used miniature carnations, but it still came out a bit large due to the light stems that we wrapped the flowers around.  Qatar's was made on his suit and sits a bit high because we didn't have him try on the jacket as we build the boutonniere.  We pinned the large green circle to the back and pulled the stems through the button hole.  It worked OK but now I have a better idea of what to do next time.  This would have been easier without the lights- I hope they show up at the Grand March.
Acolyte C-Lyte 3 Green Chenille Stems with White LED's Set of 6