Monday, May 19, 2014


OK I have taken the basic tests in Math -Reading - and Writing so now on to Elementary Pedagogy exams - 2 subtests each an hour in length.  I talked with friends who have taken it and tried to follow the study guide items - I took them today and passed both - I now only have my 2 sped content tests to go and my TPA - I do not know why I did this with all the exams - I have awful test anxiety and 7 exams plus TPA to get my license - nervous and stress eating big time - of course JT and his issues this year have not helped but things are looking better for him and he is happy again.

Cross your fingers I need to take the next 2 tests next week - they are harder or at least that is the consensus of those who have taken it.  YUCK!!!  Off to the mega mall tomorrow as a chaperon for Cenneidigh's jazz band.  End of the year things are heating up -
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