Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trip to the Peters in Illinois.

Qatar and his hat that Grandpa and Geekie brought back from Australia for him and the rest of the boys.

DOTS shopping trip.
We looked at the summer calender and decided that if we didn't go see Geekie and Grandpa soon we would never be able to go. The drive down was long and we listened to Gregor the Overlander. Everyone seemed to enjoy the book. At McDonald's our order went to a bus so they gave us McFlurries while we waited and then only gave us half our order, I went back in and asked for the rest. After waiting 20 mins for the first half we waited another 5 for the rest and they gave us a few free apple pies for our trouble. I really would have liked to skip the free items and just get the stuff I paid for alittle quicker.
We arrived late and then slept in the next day a bit. Geekie had tons of food for us and breakfast was great. We walked around the country roads and went to DOTS for goodies. The boys slept in the motorhome and Cenneidigh and I slept in the house and she pushed me off the bed so I climbed back in the other side and she seemed to leave me alone then.
We got back Sunday late and had play practice and then unpacking. I'm tired, but it was nice seeing the In-Laws again.
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