Monday, May 24, 2010

Subbing at the 4th grade city wide Track and Field Event

Waiting in the sun for our turn.
McLoones 4th Grade class.
The Tug-o-war trophy for our class, we beat all the other 4th grades in town. I was very excited and really cheered them on.

I had quite a day subbing for a 4th grade class at Banfield. It was Track and Field Day and so I was told to pack a lunch and lots of sunscreen(I think the bottle is empty now, lots of the kids did not remember this item.) They had many running events and field events. The kids competed in 4 events and did really well finding when and where to go. After the rewards(Cenneidigh won 3rd place in the girls 800) they had a class tug o war. My class or really Ms. McLoones class WON!!!!!!!! What a great day to sub. I don't think I lost anyone(I hope anyway).
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