Monday, May 17, 2010

Do what ought to be done.

A big huge YES!!!!!!
Another anti-procrastination issue. I have appts I need to make and go too. Cenny needs two teeth pulled at the dentist. I haven't been for a check-up in awhile and someone must need shots. JT will need to see the eye doctor in November and I haven't been in over three years. I'm fighting the need to see clearly(I think I'm winning.) I have a small sty on my eye that needs checking and my arm has hurt since August(I think the exercising is really helping here.) So maybe I really don't need any of those appts.(that is the way I roll, avoid the dr. office at all costs.)
I still have plenty of other things that ought to be done and I really need to stop blogging about it and get it done.
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