Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will he ever get his two front teeth?

He had been without his two front teeth for over a month now. I love it, he is so cute. He hisses when he talks. It is so cute and so perfect for the last one to lose his teeth in the family. He is a goofy kid and was happy with the rewards day when he got an award for doing so well on his scantron tests. He improved over 400 points from the beginning of the year. I like to read a-loud during the summer, but I've discovered that it does nothing for their reading skills to just listen to me, so he will be reading to me this summer.
I looked at his OlSat scores(missed one question in the non-verbal area) and I had to ask him a question. "Hey are you smarter then you let on?" He started to laugh and said. "How did you know?" Thats my boy, lazy to a fault.
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