Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

The kids asked why so many people were at the cemetery. I told them it was Memorial Day and so they went to remember the ones who made freedom free and the ones who have gone before us. JT and Cenny decided they wanted to visit Harlens grave. He was our neighbor who passed away in January. It took all of us to remember where it was and then we all agreed and Cenny puts the roses we bought on his stone. Everyone was very quiet and we all told him we missed him.
Vanessa had a slip and slide and the kids got very damp and wet and lots of sun.

We started the day out slow. I made deviled eggs and grabbed a few bags of chips for the ward party. We headed to the park and played and ate. We then headed to Vanessa's where we passed a few cemetery and then to the store for flowers to place on Harlens grave. Quite a busy holiday. David stayed home to work on the house.
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