Monday, February 28, 2011

Balloons at the carnival

The last five years I have made balloon animals at the school carnival, I get a call after Christmas so I can get my supplies ordered. This year I was busy and didn't notice I hadn't gotten a call until we got back from Atlanta(three days before the carnival) I wondered out loud and then thought it wouldn't be so bad. I didn't have much help lined up, I did have ballonons left over from a benefit we did a few months back,and my hands always end up smelling like latex for a week following.

JT heard my wondering and took it upon himself to straighten it out. Thursday afternoon I got a call asking me to do the balloons and an apology for not calling sooner, somehow they thought I didn't have kids in the school any longer. I got off the phone and told the kids and JT beamed adding, "I told the lady selling tickets that my mom hadn't been called yet and that she did the best balloons." Oh, mystery solved. JT is quite the pain these days, but I need to be careful when he's around. He seems to really listen at funny times.
Amanda and my parents were able to come help and even with little experience my mom and dad did a great job. People always ask how we got started with balloons making and I always tell them a video, now days it could just be youtube.
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