Thursday, February 17, 2011

Atlanta trip World of Coke

David getting tired of me taking photos of him.
Austin got a mention at the museum.
Olympic torches that Coke has been involved with.
Many different bottles and designs from around the world.
The lobby of the World of Coke, we had fun. The 4D Movie gave me a headache, but it was cute. The constant jarring of the seats is what did it. At the end of the tour is the tasting room and there are over 100 different soft drinks from around the world to try. Some were good, some were not. Beverly from Italy was nasty and the Bitter Lemon from the UK was only slightly better. One from Mexico was my favorite. It was a fun tour and since it was winter(50 plus degrees) we had the place almost to ourselves. In the summer the wait is long and reservations are suggested. We bought a Citypass to see all the big attractions in Atlanta.\
We stayed with David's sister, Suzanne's, family. Thanks for the fun!
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