Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random sayings around the house

Gunnar, "Oh man the bathroom stinks I can't even open the door."

Qatar, "Yeah Gunnar I did that for you, I know how much you like it."

Qatar, at the Nike shop while holding a shoe. "I love shoes." Okay, TMI

"I'm awesome, I'm awesome, I'm awesome." JT Sunday morning getting dressed, he was yelling this. Talking with Zeke later he wanted him to tell him a joke and Zeke refused, JT "You suck. You really really suck." We need to work on that boys vocabulary a bit.

Cenneidigh after being sick and staying home a few hours alone. "Mama, I love being alone." Me, "I do too, to bad it happens so rarely."

Zeke, sick and tired. "My nose stings, my throat hurts." Cough Cough... "What are you doing?"
This was when I was reading the end of a good book and he just kept talking. "Zeke go to bed and you'll feel better." "My nose stings, my throat hurts." Same conversation again and again, get the picture.

Gunnar, "Can I go to Jays?" Me, "Its after 9PM and Church is tomorrow." Gunnar, "So" Me, "Its after nine." Gunnar, "So." Me, "You have to be home by 10:30." Gunnar, "So." Me, "Ask your Dad." The depth of the conversation was amazing, I'm not sure I captured it for you.
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