Monday, January 31, 2011

Temple trip- annoying kids

We made it in January, it was the 28th, but we finally got good enough weather to get there and back(for February, David and I we will hit the Atlanta temple and I can skip the yucky weather, sorry Amanda). We stopped for dinner at a fast food BBQ place, Bauldy's in Lakeville. It was closed for table service, so we took it to go. Eating in the car while Amanda drove was interesting, the sandwich was huge, with french fries and onion rings(onion rings soaked with BBQ...Yummy...who knew?) I have to say that it was really tasty. We stopped at Target to check out their clearance and got home after 11.

David was freaking out because Qatar wasn't home from Albert Lea and he had called over an hour ago about being on his way(20 minute drive only). I called around to his friends and found one who remembered that the competition was in Lakeville not Albert Lea. Lakeville is 2 hours away, not 20 min. Sometimes I wonder where his head is, he got home at 11:30. We all fell into bed after 12, then up for Twins Fest before 7.(Thank heaven Davids taking the boys, I can take a nap later.)
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