Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy day

Thursday started with Zeke begging to go to school, even with vomiting the day before. I got him there at noon(24 hours since the last upchuck, the rule) then off to return an item and pick up a few things I needed. Then to visit a friend and run an errand for them, that ran late so then to pick up the kids and off to Younkers to return Cenny's coat and look for another(instead we found some great candles), back to the friends to drop off the things they needed. To the chiropractor with the two youngest with me talking to the poor doctor about therapy(JT didn't get the difference between physical and emotional therapy. He thought I was going to tell the dr. all about my problems). During my therapy, Qatar called Cenny and she told him were we were and he walked over and came in for me to sign a form and write a check(at this point I wanted to just go home). Then we met Gunnar outside to take him to work. Off to drop of an item for Relief Society, and then home in time to make dinner and go to a concert. Thank heaven that the kids were tired and the concert wasn't their thing(we left at intermission) to bed at 10 and then up at 2am for puking JT. I'm looking forward to my vacation in a few weeks.
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