Thursday, January 13, 2011

Crazy day!

Monday started with water on the basement floor and I still had no idea where it was coming from, but it looked soapy(my first clue after two plumbers telling me they had no idea where it was coming from) We had a softener installed and that showed the soap, so 1st clue maybe now I can figure it out. I got called to work so busy morning and then an Orthodontist appt for Zeke at 3, so off to pick him up on the other side of town. I dropped him off then stopped at home to pick up Gunnar and Qatar for the dentist(already had Cenny and JT in the car). So the dentist and then back to talk to the ortho about Zeke and pick him up for the dentist. Zeke needs braces ASAP(once one more loose tooth falls out) and we need to pay monthly or 1000 down and the balance next year when we plan out flex spending. Back to the dentist and while they are working on me I check my watch and get them to speed up a bit. After my appt we need to talk about the kids teeth, but I have to run Cenny and JT to piano and then come back to get Zeke. I get back, we talk and Qatar needs fillings, JT needs filling and I need three fillings replaced. I sign the Visa slip and sigh. Then home for homemade chicken soup I put in the crock pot before the work call(thank heaven for that.) A quick stop for the piano players and then home to drop.
Later in the evening I turned on the washer and David and I camped out in the crawl space under the washer and waited for the spin. Sure enough water came spurting out of a pipe. Now I can call the plumber again and show him the problem. The puddle was in a space next to the crawl space, yet separated by tons of dirt and at lease ten feet of more dirt(that ground must be soaked through.)
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