Friday, January 14, 2011

The BIG leak

Not our home, but a puddle all the same. The plumber came Tuesday after I got home from work and he said that a pipe was not capped off and the pressure in the pipe had caused it to back up and pour out of the uncapped pipe into the crawl space. He asked "Who installed these lines?" Me with a grimace, "You guys." Me. "Could this cause a sewer smell in the bathroom above?" Him "Yes" Me "We replaced the toilet this fall because we thought the seal was broken because the of sewer smell." Him "Oh yeah." He capped it and then we ran the washer and no water. YEAH!!!!! Now do I have to pay for this mistake? This has been going on for months and just getting worse, now I learn it could have been going on for years? Thank heaven there is lots of dirt for the water to absorb into. I just wonder what things will happen next?
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