Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sad moments

My grandfather passed away almost two years now and my neighbor Harlen passed last year this month. I have read a bit on death and what we fear most about it. Most research agrees that we don't fear leaving this earth as much as we fear the pain it will cause our loved ones and the fear we have of being forgotten. Who doesn't try to achieve greatness so always to be remembered? Leave a great legacy behind? But time marches on and even great structures named for those with the funds or genius, crumble and are replaced by others and renamed. Being forgotten is something that may happen to all of us, but those left behind who love us will keep our memory in their heart forever. Love is something that will outlast any building or park. Love for family and friends, the love we take with us and leave behind is the true legacy of our lives. I will never forget either of these men because of the love I have for them.
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