Sunday, January 30, 2011

The I want to go to school-flu

Zeke started it on Wednesday with vomiting early in the morning. Thursday he jumped out of bed ready to go to school. The school has a 24 hour no vomit rule so he had to wait until noon to go. He was excited to get back and kept telling me he'd been home for over 45 hours without going out and how the whole world looked different.(he is a bit different from the other kids, schools his favorite thing). So back to paradise for him.

JT threw up Friday morning at 2 and at about ten he wanted to go back to school. He hated the idea of being sick on only a half day. He also had a test he needed to take. You need to understand that even only in 3rd grade, JT hates everything about school and here he was begging me to take him back. I really wish Gunnar and Qatar would catch this flu.

David asked me that if Zeke obsession with school was just a virus would I cure it. Hell NO!!!!!! I think we have scholarship hope with that one and since he is so close in age to the next two, it may be the only way we can afford college for the rest of them.
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