Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rochester trip

Cenneidigh and I went to Rochester for an appointment with the allergy/asthma clinic and she is now sporting an inhaler(3 actually). hopefully it will cure the coughing all night and let us sleep. After leaving the clinic and taking care of some errands and returns, she decided on the Pannekoeken Dutch restaurant for dinner. The waitress came running from the kitchen yelling, 'Pannekoeken', just like in the commercials. Earlier in the day Cenny had eaten a footlong at Subway and then she finished off a Pannekoeken, with eggs, hash-browns, hot cocoa and a piece of pecan pie. I think someone is growing again.
A pannakoeken reminded me of dutch babies( a egg pancake item) and so I need to make that for the kids again. They are the best with powered sugar and lemon. Yummy. I don't know if I can afford to keep Cenneidigh, she is eating more then the boys right now.
Side note: My paycheck this week, 1/2 to Gunnar for his Choir trip third payment(he says he'll pay me back.) We got Qatar's Mayo bill, so the rest to that(we are out of flex account money this year 2010). I want to stay home if all my money goes bye-bye the minute a make it. I now feel for David.
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