Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hormel Yearly Stock Holders Meeting

The kids, Amanda and I headed out about 7:30 PM on the 31st for the share holders meeting. David was home sick. We got there just in time and I was amazed at the turnout. So many people that the balcony was quite full. The meeting was interesting and the stats on how well the company is doing were exciting. A stock split, new marketing, new product, new markets and fun advertising were all part of the night. A member of the Humane Society had a question and then the same guy who brings up the strike every year spoke.

In the lobby we all collected our gift boxes and ran home to take a look inside. Here are the contents.
1 lg can of Chunk Chicken
1 pk Chi-Chi tortillas
1 pk Turkey Mini Pepperoni
1 pk mini pepperoni sticks
1 pk Chi Chi seasoning
1 Kids Complete spaghetti
Culvers gift card with 5.50 on it for a celebratory banana split or whatever
1 coupon for 3.50 off Country Crock side
1 coupon for 10 off a party tray
1 coupon for free lunch meat(natural choice)
1 coupon for free ham slices
1 coupon 5 off Jenni-o product
1 coupon ? I don't remember this one, its in my purse.

A great haul and we all enjoyed the meeting to boot.
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