Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shower Woes...

We are doing some work on our bathroom and so everyone is using the small shower.  Qatar took a shower this morning and than Zeke went in the the handle fell off into his hand.  We looked at it(the water was off thank heaven or it could have been so much worse.Notice the little stem pocking out of this handle.  Well not ours, it is sheared off inside the rest of the cartridge inside of the wall.  It is not suppose to do that.  So we have removed the dry wall from behind the shower and still no go.  We will be calling a plumber on Tuesday and showering at relatives houses until it is fixed.  What a mess.  Well this is putting a fire under me to get the other shower working.  Moen handle adapter it would be a simple repair if the stem hadn't sheared off inside the rest of the housing.  Thanks Bonnie for the shower this morning and believe it or not we were only 2 minutes late for church.  Google has warned me this is a hard repair and will be pricey, or I could try and really screw it least the water was off or the whole house would be without water until it was fixed...Tender Mercies and small miracles I didn't appreciate this morning as we were scrambling to get showers.  David went to work, luckily two took them last night.  Gunnar was at a friends for the night so we were OK.
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