Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My kids my life..... Why do I bother to try sometimes?

Zeke had an invitation to the National Honor Society Breakfast and the Presidential Academic Award Winners.   I planned on going and then he told me he wasn't going to get the award because of his last test so not to worry.  Ok we didn't have a shower anyway so I took a shower at my parents, after I dropped the kids off at school so I could make it to training for the summer program I'm working at.  

Of course Zeke came home with the award and I was the only parent not there.  I listen to my kids and then I wonder why.  They only count the first 3 semesters not the last.  I think that gets counted next year.  Zeke would have gotten this last year except he got B in a class that is not academic in nature.

JT handed me a paper with the list of times for his play at the time he told me it was dumb and not to come.  I put the note down and didn't worry about it.  I then was called about chaperoning a trip on Friday for Cenny so I said yes.  I told JT in the car this morning and he got upset saying I never go to anything he is in.  Who to believe?  No one I guess.  Maybe I'm just a bad parent after all.

The life of a parent is hard and difficult and the other parents wonder where you home because I was told not to come.  Last year David snuck into the talent show at Ellis because Zeke forbid us from going.  Hahaha we got him.  

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