Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mission Call - tomorrow night - life in general around here.

Tomorrow is the day....we think...we will call everyone if it is and we get it early enough.  Our mail comes after 4 PM and we have a concert for the Ellis choirs at 6:45 PM that night.  Pretty exciting!!

I finished my 11th batch of names for Family Search yesterday...440 points and what the heck are those for?  Can we buy stuff at distribution with them?  I need new garments.

Working all week and being flexible with the assignements.  I've been moved rooms everyday due to lack of subs and sick teachers or meetings.  I'm in 5th grade and I was suppose to be in special ed today.  Oh well the sped teachers notes did say to be flexible so I guess that is what I am doing.

I have a cold and my throat hurts and talking is difficult...luckly we have MCA testing this afternoon so not much talking needed after lunch.

Cenny and Zeke are on the track team this year and I admit they like it...but they both are getting tired of it.  Zeke is also throwing discus and is getting pretty good at it.  Cenny is growing and almost as tall as I am...her feet are size 10 1/2 womens, she is walking around on flippers.

Qatar is on Accutane and Zeke is on an antibiotic for his skin.  We paid off Zekes braces and got a lottery ticket in the billing statement.  We won a we are.  I bet you wished you had our luck...

We had to buy a new dryer yesterday.  A few weeks ago I walked by the laudry room and I head a thump like something in the dryer hitting the sides and a thought came to me that it was on its last leg...the thump was normal, but I guess the spirit was preparing me to replace it and not freak out.  Well I looked on-line and went to the local store and told the sales person I would take the SpeenQueen, she looked a bit surprised....but I was prepared and I don't like to dilly dally around if I don't have to.  So today I will have a working dryer...yeah!!!!   I need to do laundry and I need it done fast.  If I hang it outside I would forget about it and this time of year it would get rained on while I was at work and I would have to wash it all over again.  We are spoiled- we hate air dried towels...scratchy.

More tomorrow when we learn the big news....
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