Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our old van, our only van.

I was on my way to Albert Lea in the middle of a winter storm and I noticed my odometer, I pulled out my phone and called David. He was not pleased that I was driving in a storm and calling him, but I assured him I was only going 40 so it was okay(stupid I know). I told him the car was on 99999 and I wanted him to share the moment with me since we bought the van together over 10 years ago. He laughed and I said here it goes. It flipped and then he told me to get off the phone and concentrate on driving. I passed four cars and a truck in the ditch, whew the roads were icy and the wind was blowing me over into the other lane, luckily for me not many cars were on the road. It took about 40 mins to get the 20 miles and 50 mins to get home. Thank heaven God protects the stupid. I had a tax update meeting there that I didn't want to miss.
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