Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sizes of clothes, how does anyone know anymore?

This may sound crazy, but I'm having a hard time with clothing size. I have been the same size most of my life, give or take a few years with babies and nursing, but now everything is crazy. I weigh 130, I work out and I lift weights(not much I'll have you know, but some.) In HS I was a size 11 in 10th grade and dropped back down to a 7-9 the rest of the time(I felt like a cow, everyone around me was a 0).
Okay back to the story, the last pair of Old Navy jeans I bought(5-6 years ago) size 8 and they fit great. I decided it was time for new jeans and so off to the mall. After an hour and a half I found the problem. I'm now a size 4 even a 2 in some styles. WHAT!!!!!!! I'm the same size, I still fit the size 8 jeans. Nothing has changed except my hips have dropped into my thighs(saddle bags yea!) I bought the above jeans Levi 505, straight leg and mid rise, I also got the 515, boot cut mid rise size 4 medium. Very comfortable and flattering.
But, what the heck is going on with the clothing sizes. I even now wear an extra small shirt and that is ridiculous, what about the truly extra small people in the world aka Vanessa. Can she find anything to fit? I hate shopping for clothes, too many sizes to choose from and every style is a different size, this is when I wish I was a man. Know your size and buy it even without trying it on, that's a dream.
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