Friday, January 8, 2010

My neighbor Harlan

My neighbor died Wednesday night, I will miss him very much. He was always stopping by with coupons, milk labels, books for me to read and things for the kids. One day a few years back I was in the yard yelling at the kids about something or another and he was out picking weeds in his. He came over and told me how much he loved my children and how glad he was that we had moved in next door. I was a bit shocked, I mean I sometimes have a hard time with my kids and he had then trooping across his yard and playing in his driveway and house all the time. He went on the say that he loved living between us and his own grandchildren, he loved all the kids running around and in and out of their house. He hated to be gone more then two weeks because he missed all the kids so much. Its hard not to love someone who says things like that and he meant it, he always opened his door to them. My kids love their home, Eileen and Harlan always have snacks and treats for them. I know we will all miss him.

The kids had told me that he had had a heart attack in Arkansas where he was visiting family, but that he was coming home Saturday. When Sara called me yesterday, Cenny stood by watching my face and when I hung up the phone there were tears in her eyes and she asked, "Did Grandpa Lysne die?" I nodded and we both cried then. Good-bye Harlan, we miss you already.

Harlan Lysne, 82, of Austin, died Wednesday in Bentonville, Ariz. Clasen-Jordan Mortuary, Austin.
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