Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You know you live in Minnesota, when...

You still bike commute in 20 degrees below zero. Of course you have to dress for the weather.

David loves this silly outfit and the other day when I was shoveling the corner out, Eric stopped by dressed exactly the same. I guess this is what they call proper winter wear around here. I finally broke down and bought snow pants last year and I love them. The wind doesn't whip through my pants. Sledding is more fun and so is just being outside. Cold weather, wind and snow are something we have to live with, so here's to the proper clothing.
Last years three days at Eagle Bluff proved that winter is more then cuddling under a blanket watching it from the window. Winter can be fun also. But we now have a snow blower, yeah I really hate shoveling when we have inches of snow. Too heavy and my back hurts for days. David can now handle all the snow with the blower, whoopee!
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