Friday, January 22, 2010

Book 5 and maybe 6(it was only about 60 pages.)

The top book I read while I was subbing, Amanda left it out for me to read and I have to get it back from her so I can have the kids read it. It about a boy and a magician(obvious right?) It's cute.
The next one is the 4th in the series I'm reading and I am enjoying. I am not suggesting this to anyone. This is for me to keep track of the books I read. Everyone has different taste and so do I, so I would not want anyone taking my word for anything I read or watch(I've gotten in trouble for this in the past.) Just because I like it don't assume we have the same taste. There is a bit of language in these books, the Navy SEALS like to swear I guess. Book 5 done, but I am also going to count the larger books I read out loud to the kids this year.(over 100 pages of regular sized print.)
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