Saturday, January 2, 2010

Classic romance, in the mood for romance.

I liked this one. Much better then a few of her newer ones have been. This is her newest. I love the picture, never happened in the book like that. He's in the military and has very short hair they mentioned that a few times. On top of the fact they are running for their lives against the weather, ICE storm in Maine. If I were to try this author this would be a good first book.

I liked this one, it made me laugh out loud in places. Fast to read.
Bonnie suggested this and said it was somewhat like the way I write(now and past with a story or two mixed in. I enjoyed the story. The next one is with the same characters and more.

In the mood for romance I guess, maybe it is my mid-life crisis kicking in again.
After the broken window and the argument with the installers, and the ice cold water on Friday, I got these at the library to settle me down. Classic romance, fall in love then something pulls them apart then something pulls them back to each other, they get married and have a baby. Just the needed dose to keep my stress down. I went for a murder mystery and it wasn't in so I came home with these. My favorite of hers is Under Cover of Night, if you haven't read any Linda Howard start with that one.
I like romance, it always ends happy unless it's Nicholas Sparks that is. I love the love story and the things they need to overcome(usually personal problems) and the way they get back together. I'm a sap, it's true. Judge me if you want, but a good romance is a great escape mechanism. I prefer to escape to happiness most of the time.
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